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Commercial Real Estate

Our firm represents commercial clients in proceedings and transactions that deal with real property—land and the structures attached to it including purchase and sale, construction, real estate development, condominiums, planned unit resort developments, mortgages and foreclosures, leases, interaction with County, State, and Federal regulatory bodies.

Commercial Services Include:

  • Residential and/or Mixed-use/Resort Planned Unit Developments (see brochure)
  • Ground Leases
  • Restaurant Closings
  • Hotel Closings
  • Restrictive Covenants
  • Condominium Master Deeds
  • Owner Association Documents and By-Laws
  • Conservation Easements
  • Easements
  • Zoning and Regulatory Approvals
  • Qualified Intermediary in Tax-Free Exchanges
  • Wetlands Regulation
  • Environmental Law
  • Hazardous Wastes
  • Title Insurance

Your lawyer’s role in commercial real estate transactions

If you are selling property, we assist in the preparation of the sales contract and resolution of potential title problems. We monitor the closing process, review closing documents, and we coordinate with the buyer’s attorney to ensure a smooth and efficient sale. We are knowledgeable in tax-free exchanges. When you’re buying property, we help you negotiate sales contracts that protect your rights, and we coordinate with your lender , realtor, surveyor, and insurance agent to meet the terms of your contract and loan commitment. We review and draft closing documents and we act as the settlement agent for your closing. Call us for information about handling your commercial real estate transaction. A successful business venture begins and ends with the right law firm.