The Law Offices of Richard M. Lovelace, Jr., P.A.

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Residential Real Estate

Our firm represents individuals and entities in proceedings and transactions that deal with real property. Our attorney and staff are efficient and service oriented, maintaining a high degree of professionalism while insuring that our clients' interests are protected.

We assist clients in:

  • Home Closings
  • Title Abstracts
  • Title Insurance
  • Insurance Problems
  • Determining best way to own property for estate planning and probate purposes (tenants in common or joint tenants with right of survivorship)
  • Avoiding probate of minimizing cost of probate
  • Deeds
  • Mortgages
  • Leases
  • Contracts for Acquisition/Sale and Construction of Homes
  • Homeowners Association Representation
  • Conservation Easements and Trusts

Our experienced and professional staff provides the highest quality residential real estate closings in the Coastal Carolina area. We stay in constant communication with the realtor, lender, title insurance companies, insurance agents and all the other parties that are the components of a residential real estate closing. We take the frustration out of the closing so you can concentrate on a smooth, efficient and hassle free move.